Mentor Mentee Match Program

Mentor Mentee Match Program

We know you want to be strong leaders, and you want to advance in your career.
But do you have all the resources to get there?

Mentor Match will connect experienced business leaders with local young professionals in a formal mentoring program. Mentor Match is a value-added program for Student members. If you’re not already a member, consider joining today!

Trainings Offered

Cube Me
This program includes a series of roundtables with curriculum developed to tackle strategic planning, branding, budget planning, client acquisition, proposal and business plan writing, marketing and communication, capacity building, and access to capital, among other topics. The program will offer participants a world-class toolkit essential for business growth and development.

A specialized entrepreneur development and training program with four parts:

Phase 1: Participants attend a Check-in and Check-up business assessment
Phase 2: Develop a Roadmap to Success
Phase 3: Engage in Mentor/Protégé initiative
Phase 4: Assessment and evaluation.
Local Entrepreneur Advancement Program (LEAP)
LEAP is a 60-second pitch competition for Entrepreneurs to articulate their vision, purpose and need for support in front of a live audience. Award includes $10,000 grant, coaching, training, brand ambassadorship, and affinity program exclusive, “Black Advantage Card.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a mentee or mentor?
    Becoming a mentee or mentor is easy! Complete the application, attend the orientation session, and wait for your match. There are two matching cycles a year (July and December). Applications will be available on the website in the weeks prior to the application deadline.
  2. How is a mentor chosen for a mentee?
    Once the application is submitted, the mentor and mentee are matched based on similar interests, areas of skill the mentee would like to strengthen, and the goals the mentee would like to achieve within their professional career.
  3. Can I choose my mentor or mentee?
    No. The goals, interests and information you submit on your application will help us make the best match possible.
  4. Will I be matched with a mentor/mentee as soon as I submit my application?
    Matches are made twice per year. Application materials will be available on the Pulse website just prior to each cycle.
  5. How long does the mentor/mentee program last?
    The program is set up to last one (1) year, but our hope is that the mentor/mentee relationship extends past the set time frame.
  6. Am I guaranteed a mentor once I complete the required application?A mentor is not guaranteed if an applicant completes the application. But the applicant will be considered for future participation, if they choose to keep their application in the pool.
  7. How often will Mentor Match take applications?
    The matching process with take place once every six (6) months.
  8. What is required as a mentor or mentee?
    Mentor and mentee agree to monthly meetings/interactions. A list of possible topic and activity ideas are listed below:

    • Invite mentee to your place of work for a meeting
    • Attend a Chamber event together
    • Invite mentee to a service club meeting
    • Participate in a community service project together
    • Invite mentee to join you at a staff or Board meeting if possible
    • Introduce your mentee to your mentor
    • Attend a training or professional development opportunity together
    • Review your mentee’s resume and references – offer to be a reference as appropriate
    • Help your mentee prepare an elevator speech about an issue he/she is passionate about
    • Share training or professional development materials with your mentee
    • Recommend reading material – engage in a discussion about what you learned and how you will apply it to your professional practice

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