Membership Types & Benefits

Membership Benefits
“Positive change for a Productive Canada.”

Membership in the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce opens new business opportunities for our members. Your involvement in Chamber membership demonstrates to other businesses and to potential customers that you are committed to supporting Black Businesses to grow in Canada. Members establish useful relationships with one another through lead exchanges and referrals facilitated by Chamber staff and other members. Chamber membership offers you many cost- effective opportunities to advertise, sponsor and promote your business. Reach other business owners, decision-makers and employees across the Chamber publications and events.

Our Members determine the goals and objectives of the Chamber by participating on Business Councils or Committees that support their business and professional goals. These councils enable members to take active roles in the Chamber and in the business community. The Chamber offers many opportunities to develop professional skills and business experience. Networking events, professional speakers and seminars provide the latest know-how to help you and your business succeed.

We are committed to supporting our members with high quality services, products and working hard to focus on the prosperity of the Black Business Community. Opportunities exist through the Chamber’s events, programs, Web site, sponsorships and in-house publications. We offer our members many quality business building activities and services. Our Members enjoy benefits including local and International Trade Missions, access to our online Member to Members Exchange (MME), our comprehensive company employee benefits programs and many other services as listed below. Be sure to visit our Membership Discounts section.

Membership Types

Thank you for your interest in membership with the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. Our Members represent and serve as the preeminent resource for Canadian Black businesses in Canada by positively contributing to the community. Your membership is tax-deductible.

Membership is subject to the approval of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee. CONTACT US FOR CORPORATE SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES