Board Chair & Secretary

Audrey is a dedicated community activist with a fervent commitment to fostering economic growth and development within the Black community. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a focus on Black and Indigenous studies, Audrey’s academic journey deepened her understanding of the prevalent social and economic injustices faced by both groups.

Throughout her studies, Audrey emerged as a staunch advocate for social justice. Her belief in the transformative power of volunteering, advocacy for change, and the promotion of unity and community development led her to make significant contributions, ultimately becoming the first female Chair of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC).
With an impressive 28-year tenure as a social justice advocate, Audrey has been unwavering in her dedication to empowering Black women. Her profound belief in the potential for every woman, given the right support system, has been a driving force in her career. Audrey’s commitment is further exemplified through her role as the Founder of Afiwi Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting society’s vulnerable citizens, including seniors, middle school-aged children, and women.
Audrey extends her impact beyond the Canadian borders by contributing to the growth and development of school-aged children in her homeland – Jamaica through volunteering and fundraising efforts coordinated by Afiwi Foundation. In addition, Audrey, in collaboration with her daughter, co-founded Root’d natural Health Beauty & Wellness-a haven for the mind, body, and spirit, promoting natural health and wellness.
Guided by the insightful words of her favourite author, James Baldwin, who asserted, “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”, Audrey draws inspiration from her daily choices and actions, her unwavering dedication is evident in her resilience against her pet peeves – prejudice and bias.
Outside of her impactful work, Audrey finds solace in leisurely activities such as gardening and indulging in non-fiction literature. Her multifaceted journey reflects a life dedicated to creating positive change, fostering unity and empowering communities through social justice advocacy and community development initiatives.


Audrey Parkes