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The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors oversees the strategic direction, budget, guidelines and policies of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. As such, the Board of Directors sets and monitors strategic direction, oversees fiscal planning, provides leadership for professional initiatives, appoints persons to represent the association, and establishes guidelines and policies for appeals, publications, awards and honors.

Our Board of Directors consists of senior business executives and community members with various diverse backgrounds. Our Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss and chart the direction of the organization.

We are committed to accountability through transparency and fiduciary responsibility. A high priority is ensuring that our members have regular and timely access to information and a firm understanding of our operation and its ongoing strategic direction.

The Board recognizes that strategic deliberations and documents often cannot be made public during their formative and deliberative stages. For example, confidentiality must be respected on a case-by-case basis pertaining to specific contractual agreements, litigation and other interactions that potentially would violate legal agreements.

To help meet the organizations commitment to transparency, the Board of Directors communicates its actions, decisions, news, programs, and initiatives to members, and seeks stakeholders’ input and feedback on the organization’s programs and processes. In addition our Bylaws, Policies, Strategic Plan, Nominations and Elections processes are made available to members.



Board Chair

Carissia Mears


Nene Akinton

Nene Akinton

Vice Chair, CBCC Board

Tricia McCool


Board Member


Mello Ayo

Board Member

Christopher K. Scipio

Board Member, Strategic Advisor

Andrea Davis

Board Member

Are you looking to serve in a volunteer capacity? Do you have Board Experience?

Our CBCC Board is now in the process of recruiting Board Members for the following Portfolios:


We encourage applications from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the Territories

To inquire about the following opportunities please send your resume/bio profile by email to