Christopher K. Scipio

Board Member

  • Christopher K. Scipio is a strategic policy advisor in Canada’s Public Service specializing in Black inclusion, anti-racism, and gender-based analysis plus. An intersectional feminist committed to using his work to contribute to collective efforts to dismantle systems that oppress individuals and groups due to their race, gender, sexual identity, ability, religion, and other identity factors.
  • Since joining the federal public service in 2010, Christopher has worked primarily in strategic policy on a wide range of files including: change management, justice and security, digital government, and performance reporting. He is also involved in public service renewal efforts through his active participation with Black Employee Networks, the Anti-Racism Ambassadors Network and through his current role as the Senior Strategy Advisor and Secretariat Lead for the Federal Black Executives Network.
  • Outside of his day job, Christopher is a father and a past volunteer with Family Services Ottawa, the Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment, Ottawa Community Immigration Settlement Organization and is presently a board member for the Institute of Public Administration of Canada-National Capital Region, the Great Canadian Theatre Company, and the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce.
  • Social Media: Twitter @ScipioCk